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I N D U S + T R I A L  D E S I G N
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 I  N  D U S + R  I  A  L   D  E  S  I  G  N

F A C U LT Y   O F  A R T  &  D E S I G N - U i T M

O  V  E  R  V  I  E  W

Industrial Design encompasses fascinating endeavours in the design of products such as furniture and automotive.The Bachelor in Industrial Design (Hons.) programme under Faculty of Art & Design UiTM offers students with an educational environment that fosters creativity, innovation and critical thinking. Students should have basic knowledge about, and understanding of, the method and proceeding that are used within industrial design in the product development process before entering this course.

This course is mainly focused on methods of analyzing problems, methods of ideation and creativity, methods of visualization, presentation and communication. Students will be exposed to problem solving techniques and critical thinking, manual dexterity, technical drawing skills, self discipline, conceptual vision, understanding and knowledge of engineering principles, human factors/ ergonomics, aesthetics, industrial materials and processes and digital computer aided design.

C  A  R  E  E  R     O  P  P  O  R  T  U  N  I  T  I  E  S

Industrial Designers may find employment in the following professional areas such as :

+  Model Making  +  Industrial Design Consultant  +  Product Fabricator  +  Furniture Design  +  Industrial Product Design

+  Automotive Design  +  Environmental Design  +  Exhibition Design  +  Art/Design Director  +  Merchandise Design